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Music Videos

Collaborate in a social music video of your favorite artist! Engage, increase base, and interact with fans in a dynamic video!

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Dynamic and Social Videos

PopFans app is a new social music video experience!

You can create, watch, and contribute to a music video of your favorite artist. Send your photo/clip to a PopFans remix video that was created by a fan club, artist, or pop fan like yourself! Coming soon!

PopFans Music Videos

For Artists and Fan Groups

Create amazing music videos with your fans!
  • Let the fans be the stars of the music video.
  • Have full control of your videos.
  • Modify the video at any time. Add media, sort, and much more.
Increase fan base
You can make any music video unforgettable.
Engage with fans
Developing a personalized experience for them.
Fans or more to make happy
Get media and messages from fans in your music videos.
PepBlast Remix - Please open it on a browser with javascript and html5 support.

Featured Video

Forever is Yours
PopFans is based on the PepBlast tech, offering the best dynamic remix videos and features that powered many PepBlast apps.

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